FAQs - Pure Water Coolers

Bermuda Waterworks Limited currently carries a wide range of dispensers for sale or rent. We carry Fahrenheit brand water coolers, crock pots, floor stands, dolphin pumps, cup dispensers, cups and other accessories. These can be purchased directly from our retail location at 32 Parsons Lane, Devonshire or delivered and set-up in your home or business.

Currently we carry two models of Fahrenheit brand water coolers which are available in black or white. Cold Model: dispenses room temperature and cold water. The water can be adjusted as low as 40°F. Hot/Cold Model: dispenses either cold water as low as 40F or hot water up to 180°F. For this model, there must always be water in the cooler or the hot water mechanism can burn out!

Please contact our Customer Service Representative at 299-PURE, email us at purewater@bwl.bm or visit our retail location at 32 Parsons Lane, Devonshire. After purchase, delivery and set-up of new coolers can be arranged.

Yes, however a two month security deposit is required and a monthly rental fee applies. You must have approved credit or an established and current Pure Water account to be eligible to rent a cooler. If you are looking for a short term solution renting is a great option. For six months or longer, we strongly recommend purchasing a new unit.

No, but we do have alternate valves that enable teh valve on the cooler to be locked shut so that a child cannot open the valve.

We offer a two year warranty on new coolers purchased from us.

Yes. We recommend your cooler be cleaned and sanitized every six to twelve months. We offer this service by our trained Cooler Technician who can come to your home or office for a fee.

The exterior can be cleaned by using a mild detergent with warm water – avoid using abrasive cleaners. Regular cleaning of all plastic parts is recommended including the drip tray, tap and water guard. Sanitizing is more complicated and can be done by using bleach or boiling water. We can provide a flyer on the procedure, but strongly recommend that you call us on 299-PURE to arrange a Cooler Technician to come and service and sanitize your cooler. A service fee does apply. Please read our cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

Simply call our Customer Service Representative on 299-PURE to place a service call. Our Cooler technician will then contact you and schedule an appointment generally between Monday – Friday 8am-5pm. A service fee does apply.

First check that the water cooler has not become unplugged. If not, please call our Customer Service Representative to arrange for our Cooler Technician to come and check it. A service fee may apply.