FAQs - Pure Water

Pure Water (Bermuda) Limited was formed in April 1992 to manufacture and distribute bottled water. In February 1996, Watlington Waterworks Limited acquired the share capital of Pure Water (Bermuda) Limited. The Pure Water operations were relocated to the Parsons Lane, Devonshire site and its facilities were upgraded to a considerable extent. We supply 3 and 5 gallon bottles throughout Bermuda, operating out of a fleet of trucks to supply offices, supermarkets, businesses and residential premises. We also sell Pure Water 3 and 5 gallon bottles, coolers and other accessories at our retail location. Coolers can also be rented.

In January 1997 Pure Water (Bermuda) Limited was renamed Bermuda Waterworks Limited and became the operating and trading company for all products and services supplied by the group. For over 75 years, Watlington Waterworks has manufactured water to meet the island's growing needs. Our mission is to provide the island with a high quality potable utility water supply and internationally approved bottled water products. We are here to meet all of your water needs.

The source of water for our Pure Water is produced by Reverse Osmosis (desalination) at our North Shore plant. This water is processed into potable water and chlorinated in the final step. This reverse osmosis water is then fed to our Devonshire plant where it is de-chlorinated, softened and distilled. It is this final distilled water that fills our 3 and 5 gallon bottles and provides you with Bermuda’s premium quality drinking water. Pure Water is tested daily and is produced and bottled on island by Bermudians!

Distilled water is water that has been heated to the boiling point so that impurities are separated from the water, which itself becomes vapor or steam. Steam is then condensed back into pure liquid form. The impurities remain as residue and are removed. Pure Water Distillation Systems remove waterborne biological contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, organic and inorganic chemicals, heavy metals, volatile gases, cysts and any other contaminants. Distilled water contains virtually no solids, minerals or trace elements. It is clean, natural and healthy. Steam distilled water is the standard by which all other waters are measured.

There are several options available to our customers:

  • Water can be purchased from our Retail location at 32 Parsons Lane in Devonshire. Here we sell our 3 and 5 gallon bottles as well as coolers, pumps, cups and other Pure Water accessories.
  • Via our island wide delivery service to residential and business consumers (3 and 5 gallon bottles).
  • At various retail outlets across the island including many Supermarkets, gas stations and convenience stores (3 gallon bottles only).

Please note: Prices do vary and our retail location offers the best prices!

We are open Monday – Friday from 8am-5pm, and Saturdays from 9am-1pm.

You will be required to complete an application form which you can find here, or you can collect one from our Parsons Lane Retail location, or it can be sent to you by email or fax. Once a credit check has been completed and your account approved, you will be contacted by a customer service representative who will take your first order.

We deliver island-wide and offer two types of delivery services – “Call In” delivery and “Scheduled” delivery. Delivery services are available Monday – Friday (excluding Public Holidays).

  • Call In customers are required to call 299-PURE (7873) or email us at purewater@bwl.bm. Call In customers generally receive their orders within 2-3 business days. This can fluctuate due to high volume especially during the summer months, hurricanes and holidays when demand is higher.
    Please note: There is a 2(two) bottle minimum per Call In delivery.
  • Scheduled Delivery customers have a dedicated day or days for receiving their Pure Water. Upon signing up for delivery - you will be issued a “Delivery Date” calendar with all of your delivery dates for the year highlighted.

No - Simply leave your empty bottles outside by 8 am and we will replace them. All scheduled delivery customers MUST have their bottles out by 8am – if no empty bottles are out – we will assume that you do not require any water and will check back on your next scheduled delivery date. If you do need extra water, call our main office at 299-PURE(7873) and we will have it delivered with our other call-in orders.

If you forgot to leave your bottles out or have run out of water early, call us at 299-7873 and we will get your order to you on the next available truck servicing your area.

When you purchase a bottle of Pure Water for the first time you also purchase the bottle for $10 and the bottle becomes your property. We purchase it back from you for $10 on a “trade-in” basis each time you return an empty bottle and purchase a new bottle of Pure Water, provided the bottle you are returning is in good condition and can be used again. By doing this we are able to keep recycling bottles many times and hence reduce waste and help with a vital environmental issue.
Please note: We do not accept returns of full bottles of water. Damaged or misused bottles will not be accepted.