Care of Pure Water Bottles

Pure Water Only

Only use the bottle for its Pure Water content. Do not put any other kinds of drinks in the bottle or use it to hold other types of liquid. Pure Water is the only substance that should be in the bottle.


Keep Inside

An empty bottle left outside long term to the elements may weaken and discolor the bottle. In addition sun and rain encourage algae growth inside a bottle just sitting in the yard or on a construction site. Green algae filled bottles cannot be reused.


Handle with Care

In addition an open, empty bottle left outside will collect rainwater. This will in turn become a breeding site for mosquitos and in combination with sunlight algae will grow inside the bottle. Bottles that have signs of algae in them will not be accepted back for a credit.


Permanent Markers       

Please do not write on the bottles with a permanent marker. These bottles cannot be reused. If you should need empty bottles for games or coin drives please contact us for free reject bottles. Help the environment, use a refillable bottle!


Construction Sites       

Very often bottles are returned with dried concrete and paint on the exterior. We encourage construction sites to hose down bottles so they are not permanently damaged. Damaged bottles will be refused.