Our Mission & History

Our Mission

To provide Bermuda with a high quality drinkable water service and an internationally approved bottled water supply.


Our History

Watlington Waterworks Limited was founded by Sir Henry Watlington in 1932 with the intention of supporting what was then a fledging tourist industry in Bermuda. Brackish water was taken from wells in and around the Devonshire Marsh, processed at the Parsons Lane plant and piped to a reservoir at Prospect from where two pipelines transported the water into the City of Hamilton as far as the Princess Hotel and also to the Elbow Beach Hotel on the South Shore. The objective was to provide a continuous reliable supplementary water supply to the community. Over the years the network of pipelines spread throughout the City of Hamilton and along the South Shore, eventually extending as far as Southampton Parish. The Southampton Princess Hotel and the Sonesta Beach Hotel became significant customers.


In 1994 the Company commenced seawater desalination with a Reverse Osmosis Plant on the North Shore in Devonshire, taking the water from the sea water wells and removing all impurities to provide quality drinking water. This new technology has been continually updated and upgraded and now the North Shore complex houses six reverse osmosis plants capable of producing over one million gallons of water per day. An increasing amount of the company’s output of water is derived from sea water as successive plants become more energy efficient and at the present time approximately 70%of the total output comes from sea water reverse osmosis.


Pure Water (Bermuda) Limited was formed in April 1992 as Bermuda’s first Company to manufacture and distribute bottled water. In February 1996 the Company acquired the share capital of Pure Water (Bermuda) Limited. The Pure Water operations were relocated to the Parsons Lane, Devonshire site and its facilities were upgraded to a considerable extent. It now supplies water in 3 and 5 gallon bottles throughout Bermuda, operating a fleet of trucks to supply offices, super markets, businesses and residential premises.


In January 1997 Pure Water (Bermuda) Limited was renamed Bermuda Waterworks Limited and became the operating and trading company for all products and services supplied by the group. Bermuda Waterworks Limited’s mission is to provide Bermuda with a high quality public drinking water service and an internationally approved bottled water supply. Watlington Waterworks continues to be the holding company for the group and is quoted on the Bermuda Stock Exchange.


Throughout the last ten years the Company has embarked on a programme of upgrading its facilities and extending its pipeline network into residential areas. It now supplies drinking water to the City of Hamilton and to most parishes west of Devonshire. In 2010 it entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Bermuda Government with the aim of providing piped water to the western parishes including Southampton and Sandy’s.


Watlington Waterworks continues to be the holding company for the group and is quoted on the Bermuda Stock Exchange.



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