Bermuda Waterworks Limited

Bermuda Waterworks Limited is a leading provider of bottled water and piped drinking water. Daily we supply water to homes, businesses, hotels, cruise ships and the occasional ship or resident requiring water for specialized equipment.


In Bermuda water is a valued resource. In the absence of natural rivers, the settlers constructed tanks for water catchment and storage. It is a practice that is carried out to this day. Necessity was the mother of invention for our forefathers and they excelled in their ingenuity.


Early in our company’s history, brackish water was the order of the day. Several decades later we are using advanced reverse osmosis and desalination techniques to extract and treat our source water.


Approximately two thirds of our piped water comes from treated seawater. The remaining one third comes from desalting brackish ground water extracted from the underground lens.


The abundance of sea-water has made reverse osmosis a natural fit for the company’s operations. The utility water supply is chlorinated after rigorous treatment so that it meets local and international quality standards.


The cost of the company’s piped water is quite competitive when compared to that of other suppliers.A truckload of water now costs $90 on average and holds 1,000 U.S. gallons. Bermuda Waterworks base rate is $24.33 once the early payment discount is applied.


In these changing economic times, not having a utility connection in an area that we serve is an unnecessary expense on the household budget.


Bermuda Waterworks Limited is a Member of the American Water Works Association.