Secure Your Water Supply

Drinking water is a valuable commodity whose demand fluctuates with the rains. Unfortunately we have experienced instances where we have found customers stealing water. Please be advised that we do reserve the right to prosecute anyone we find stealing water from our distribution system.


We also wish to advise that we have had theft reported to us by customers. We must now advise all customers to take precautions to secure your water supply. There are many ways that this may be done and the best method will depend on your individual piping arrangements. A simple means of securing your piped water supply is to use a lockable valve on your water service line or install a security bar with a lock on your tank access cover to prevent access to anyone other than a key holder.


As a metered customer of piped water we remind you that you are responsible for all water that passes through your meter. By taking precautions to secure your piped water supply you will avoid the risk of having a high bill due to theft.