Application Guidelines


Please have all documents completed and signed. See page 3 of agreement “signed by”. Please be sure to have this document duly signed as well as witnessed. If your application is not feasible we will notify you and file your application for future reference.


Once we have received all documents completed and signed, your application will be reviewed, and if a service is possible, we will notify you of the costs. If the cost is agreed, it is at this point that our Credit Controller will review your “credit” and with approval received, we will then proceed with a start date. You will be notified of the start date.


Upon completion of the water installation a bill will be sent and become payable within 30 days of invoice billing date.

Your meter will be read and billed monthly once the installation has been billed. Please note Bermuda Waterworks Limited is responsible for the connection from our main line to where the meter is installed (meter inclusive).

It is the customer’s responsibility to connect from the meter to the residence as he/she sees fit. Bermuda Waterworks Limited requests that water be used as a top up for the customer’s tank.

eStatement Request
  1. If you are requesting eStatements for a business please include the contact name in the first name and last name fields. If you are requesting a residential eStatement please complete both the first name and last name on the account.
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  7. Please type the captcha code without spaces and do not bold.If it does not accept your entry, click the refresh button and retype the captcha code and then submit.