Homeowners Water Service Line Responsibilities


  1. Your water meter has been located at a convenient to read site near the boundary of your property with the road. You should know where your water meter is located, if you do not, we recommend you call us and we will show or instruct you where to find it. 

  2. The first step you must take in order to use the service is to decide how you wish to convey the water from the meter to your water tank. It is your responsibility to make the connection from the meter to your water tank. Using our service as a “top-up” to your water tank is the best way to operate. We do not recommend connecting directly into your house pressure system. 

  3. As a homeowner you own the water service line that brings fresh tap water into your home tank from the meter. You are responsible for the maintenance and repair of this line from the meter to your water tank. If your service line on your side of the meter bursts, you want to be able to shut the water off immediately, finding help in an emergency can be difficult and time consuming.  Water leaking from your service line to the home tank is registered through the meter and can quickly mount up to a significant billing so you should always be vigilant and keep your service line in good condition. We are not responsible for water losses after the water meter, the customer is; neither are we responsible for repairs after the meter.

  4. Your meter is activated from the day it is connected to the main, enabling you to obtain water whenever required thereafter. You only have to turn the valve on. Our billing commences immediately after we activate the meter, and you become liable for minimum monthly charges from then on. You should make your connection from the meter to your water tank at your earliest convenience.

  5. We maintain a strict policy of disconnecting unpaid accounts.  If you have a difficulty, communicate with us, do not ignore the problem, we will try to work with you.


View PDF of the above here.