The Utility Division is the operational division that produces drinking water on an industrial scale and distributes the drinking water from Devonshire to Sandys (including City of Hamilton) by means of underground pipelines.

This Division descends from the original Watlington Waterworks Ltd. founded in 1932 by Sir Harry Watlington. Over the years of public water supply many came to refer to the water supplied via the pipeline network as “Watlington Water.” In recognition of our founder, the descriptive name “Watlington Water” has been retained as the brand name for the piped water supply. Today, "Watlington Water” is a high quality drinking water produced by brackish water desalination and sea water desalination.

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Bermuda Waterworks Limited also manufactures bottled water under the Pure Water brand. It is packaged in three and five-gallon containers. Bottled water is a healthy, convenient, food product that residents use because of its refreshing taste and it is a good way to stay hydrated.

Pure Water is a healthy alternative to other beverages as a zero calorie option.

Annually our water is subject to a detailed chemical analysis by a U.S. based laboratory. Locally, our bottled water is tested daily in house and weekly by an external approved laboratory.

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The Water Depot is the retail plumbing outlet for an array of specialist products. The Water Depot carries various staple plumbing products such as PVC & CPVC (CTS) pipe and fittings. It is the one place where you are likely to find more specialized products such as well pumps and accessories, water treatment equipment, pressure tanks, water heaters, in- ground covers capable of supporting heavy wheel loading, larger size pipes, pipe repair clamps and mechanical couplings.

We also provide recommendations on pump sizes and power requirements if you need assistance with a unique application. We will be pleased to assist so that you get the most efficient pump for your application.

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