FAQs - Water Depot

No; not as rule. If someone makes a high value purchase that is bulky, and assistance is required for transportation then we will assist with delivery.

While we know of many plumbers, as a matter of policy we do not make recommendations.

There are no returns permitted after 14 days. All returns must be accompanied by an invoice to verify the purchase. The goods returned must be in the original packaging and cannot have been installed.

We honour the manufacturer’s warranty on heaters and pumps. Whatever the manufacturer’s warranty states we will support in consultation with the manufacturer. Manufacturer’s warranties overseas are not necessarily the same as in the U.S.A. so we check with manufacturers to make sure that the warranty given is correct.

We are currently unable to give a date. We do have plans to consolidate all of our retail sales activity but we must make some changes to our physical plant to create an area for consolidated sales activity. After completing the physical plant changes our retail plumbing store will be available on Saturdays.

Yes but for our internal monitoring purposes. The Bermuda Government’s Health Department will test water samples on request at no charge.

No; they are separate departments of Bermuda Waterworks Limited.

We offer “Lancaster” point of use equipment, which includes a variety of filters, under the counter reverse osmosis systems, and ultra violet sterilizing equipment. We prefer to discuss directly with you what your requirements are and custom order to meet your specific needs.

Yes. We have both suction and discharge hoses in different lengths. The suction hoses are in 20 and 30 foot lengths while the discharge hoses are in 25 and 50 foot lengths. All hoses come fitted with male and female hose connectors (couplings). We also stock a complete hose kit that includes suction and discharge hoses together with various other accessories.