Delivery Information

Call in Clients

Some clients choose to call in their orders as they need to. Clients can place orders by phone, fax or email. Once an order is received it is inputted into the system. Deliveries are made within 2-3 business days, barring an unforeseen event such as a hurricane.

We recommend that all Call clients place an order as they put their last bottle on their cooler or dispenser to avoid running out of our product.


Delivery Service

Some clients choose to have water delivered to their home or business on a regular schedule.


We currently deliver to homes every other week. Clients are advised to place their empties outside by 8 a.m. on their delivery dates. The driver will replace any empty bottles with full bottles. In the event that a client requires refills that exceed the number of empties, a note can be left with the empties to advise the driver accordingly.


Businesses are checked weekly or every other week. The client can decide on the frequency of the delivery service.


Small- Medium sized businesses can leave their empties outside their office if they have to step out of the office on their delivery day.


If a client forgets to put out their empties on their scheduled day, please contact us and we will make the delivery on the next day that we have a driver in your area.

Delivery calendars are distributed towards the end of the calendar year with the various days highlighted. If you misplace a calendar a duplicate can be forwarded to the client by fax or email.


Specialized Delivery Service

Some clients prefer to have delivery on a schedule that fits their operational hours and others prefer a monthly schedule. These clients can request a specialized calendar by contacting us at