Reusable Bottles

Bottled water in reusable containers has been going green long before it became popular. Our bottles can be reused several times, once our customers do their part.


Bottles are rejected if there are any leaks, other liquids (for example drink mix) or dirty bottles. Very often schools and organizations have coin drives or other fundraising activities. The company is very happy to donate reject bottles to these events. Just give us a call and save a good bottle from going bad.


Periodically the company gets queries from clients about the safety of the Pure Water bottles. The company uses a polycarbonate bottle, which has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Each year samples of Pure Water from our polycarbonate bottles are sent to a registered laboratory abroad for extensive testing. The company also has a limited number of 5 gallon BPA free bottles available for sale for customers who insist on BPA Free.


Click here for the National Testing Laboratories’ 2012 Beverage compliance summary for Pure Water’s bottled water.


The 2013 analysis of our Pure Water will be published in the coming months.


Recycling Bottles

When a bottle is purchased for the first time the price includes the cost of the bottle (currently $10). When returning a bottle Bermuda Waterworks purchases the bottle back at the same price or exchanges the empty for a like condition bottle filled with Pure Water.  We reserve the right to not purchase back if the returning bottle is not in satisfactory condition.  We further reserve the right not to purchase back when the chain of ownership appears in doubt.