Renting of Water Coolers

A credit application (residential/business) must be completed. Once approved, a charge account is set up.


You are then contacted regarding the items needed, i.e. water cooler and water refills. The monthly rental for a room/cold temperature model is $15.50 with a $31 rental deposit. The monthly rental of a hot/cold model is$19.50 with a rental deposit of $39.


The items can then be delivered at no extra cost or collected at our Customer Service Department at Parsons Lane.


You are billed for the first month’s rent and a rental deposit on the cooler. You are entitled to the rental refund on the cooler if you return the rental after one year. If it is returned in less than a year then you are not entitled to the rental refund. The rental refund is only given if the unit is returned in good condition.


A copy of the original rental invoice is kept on file for future rental exchanges or queries.


You can exchange the rental unit at a later date at no additional cost.


Prices are subject to change, please call for current rates.