FAQs - Watlington Water

There is no charge for a request to turn off a service. There is a charge to turn a service on. The current charge is $250.00, this is subject to change so you should ask at the time you call to make a request.

Yes, the water meter records all water that passes through it to the customer. The water transfers from Bermuda Waterworks possession to the customer’s possession when it passes through the meter. Therefore all water that is recorded through the meter becomes the customer’s responsibility to pay for. It does not matter what the customer does or does not do with the water. If the customer has a leak on his pipe leading from the meter to his/her premises or if some apparatus on his/her property fails causing water to be lost (not used), it remains the customer’s responsibility to pay for that water. It is the customer’s responsibility to care for his/her apparatus on his/her property so that they do not end up paying for water they did not use because it was lost.

Property owners are responsible for any and all water charges incurred on the property. The water bill stays with the property. Property owners are therefore responsible for all charges incurred on their property by tenants occupying their property. While owners can make tenant payment of utilities part of their rental or lease agreement, the owner will be responsible for any outstanding charges left by the tenant.

Note: The property owner may now request that bills and notifications be sent to both the tenant and the property owner.

An “Actual” read is a reading obtained by a Bermuda Waterworks meter reader actually reading the meter.

An “Estimate” read is an average of previous meter readings and is entered on the account when an actual reading cannot be obtained.

A “Final” read is a reading that is requested by the owner/tenant when moving in or out of a property to record the consumption prior to a new tenant/owner moving in. The reading is made by a Bermuda Waterworks meter reader.

Yes. The water service may be turned off if there is an impediment that prevents the Bermuda Waterworks meter reader from having access to read the meter for three successive months. The water consumption would initially be estimated and entered in accounts as an “estimated” reading for the three months that access was unavailable. The water is turned off after three months as a precautionary measure until an actual reading is made. This is to confirm that water consumption continues to be within reasonable expectations. This also assists the customer to ensure there is no problem on the customer’s side of the meter that would lead to high meter readings and bills. The meter will remain turned off until the impediment is removed.

Water consumption is measured in imperial gallons.

If your water service has been locked off or the meter removed; it has been done because of non-payment on the account or because the payment has been insufficient and the arrears have continued to accumulate. You will need to visit our offices at 32 Parsons Lane, Devonshire to make full payment on the account, together with a reconnection fee of $250 (subject to change).

Bermuda Waterworks Limited pursuant to the terms of the supply agreement may terminate a water service to a property if the outstanding charges are over thirty (30) days past due.

Bermuda Waterworks is responsible for its pipelines in the public roads and all connecting service lines from the water mains up to and including the meter. The meter is normally installed near the property boundary and remains the property of Bermuda Waterworks Limited. The customer is responsible for all pipeline, valves, and other mechanical equipment that may be used in connection with the water supply after the meter. It is the property owner’s responsibility to connect from the meter to the property to receive water.

Pursuant to the service agreement the meter remains the sole property of Bermuda Waterworks Limited. It is not to be removed, or in any way tampered with by anyone other than an employee of Bermuda Waterworks Limited. Bermuda Waterworks Limited reserves the right to change a meter for any reason, at any time it is deemed necessary. The customer will be held responsible for a meter, if a meter is found to have been damaged.