Watlington: 85 years of supplying water

The Bermuda Stock Exchange has launched its “Own Your Share of Bermuda” campaign to raise awareness of opportunities to invest in the island’s public companies. The Royal Gazette is supporting the effort by publishing weekly features on each of the 13 domestic companies listed on the BSX.

Investors looking at Watlington Waterworks Ltd will find a company with a long and steady history. It was founded in 1932 by Sir Henry Watlington to support the island’s growing tourism sector. When it was set up, it extracted and processed brackish water from wells at Parsons Lane, Devonshire, and then piped the water to Hamilton, as far as the Hamilton Princess. Piped water also went out to Elbow Beach Hotel on South Shore. During the past 85 years, the company has expanded in terms of its reach and the services it provides. Today, the company has a market capitalisation of $29.1 million, assets of $28.7 million, and liabilities of $740,000.