Purchasing Water Using the Vending Machine - April 8 2020

Wednesday, 08 April 2020 12:55

April 8, 2020. 


To Our Valued Clients, 

Please follow the below steps when purchasing Pure Water via the vending machine:


1.Remove the cap from the bottle.

2.Place the empty bottle in the Cut out space so it is flush with the back groove.

3.Swipe your card down with the stripe facing you.

4.Choose the Volume of water that you need. The 3 gallon is the size that is sold in the Grocery stores. The larger bottle holds 5 gallons.

5.Wait for the card to be authorized. This will take a couple of seconds. The machine does NOT print a receipt.

6.Once authorized the water will dispense IMMEDIATELY.

7.Make sure the empty bottle is securely in place to prevent spillage.

8.Take a cap from the White tubes to the left of the machine if you need one.


Karlene Kelly

General Manager- Pure Water